stem cell-based therapies for
liver disease.


Using regenerative medicine technologies, Hepatx is developing new types of treatments, based on stem cells, to bring new therapies to patients with late stage liver disease, as an alternative to liver transplant. 

Over 30 million Americans suffer with liver disease. Of those, 200,000 people each year develop end-stage liver failure and will require an organ transplant to survive.

Despite the $8.5 billion spent annually on patient care and facilitating this procedure,


only 1 in 33 receive the transplant that will save their life.

In this arena that is literally a matter of life or death, we are no longer asking ourselves ‘Will we revolutionize liver disease treatment?’

Instead, we’ve directed our undivided attention to discovering HOW.


Our established partnerships give our technology traction and staying power.


And we are on a mission to educate the world on this effective, accesible alternative to liver transplant. Follow HepaTx in the news…


Join our mission to bring regenerative medicine-based therapies to thousands of patients in need of liver transplant.