Meet the HepaTx Team



Seasoned in therapeutic technologies, with decades of company development expertise.


Eric Schuur, PhD
President + Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Schuur has over 25 years of experience as a scientist, manager, and consultant.  He has deep scientific expertise from the bench level to the clinic at places such as UCLA, Stanford, and the Scripps Research Institute. Dr. Schuur has extensive industry experience with early stage companies, including Calydon, Inc. and Asthmatx, Inc. where he has managed preclinical and clinical research teams.  As a consultant, he provided medical and scientific strategy, communications, and information management services for companies in the the regenerative medicine, gene therapy, genomics, diagnostics, and biomarkers fields. 

Dr. Schuur has a PhD in Experimental Pathology from the UCLA School of Medicine and completed an NIH-sponsored post-doctoral fellowship at the Scripps Research Institute.  Dr. Schuur serves as an Adviser to the Stanford School of Medicine SPARK Program and as a Mentor in the Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing Innovation Farm Team Program.


Mark Chao, MD, PhD

Dr. Chao is a board-certified physician in internal medicine and a trained hematologist with a strong clinical network at Stanford University Hospitals. Dr. Chao has clinical development experience in bringing cancer therapeutics through to successful IND filing and has contributed to successful early stage clinical trial execution within the academic university setting. 

Dr. Chao has over 15 years of experience in stem cell biology, immunology, and cancer biology research, including the discovery of a novel target for cancer immunotherapy that is now in clinical development. He is a co-founder of Forty Seven, Inc., a clinical stage immuno-oncology company. He earned his MD and PhD in cancer biology from Stanford University and completed his internal medicine residency and hematology fellowship at Stanford. He is currently a visiting scholar in the Division of Hematology at Stanford University.


Scientific Advisory Board

Renowned industry experts in regenerative medicine therapies.


Marie Csete, MD, PhD
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Csete brings both stem cell expertise and liver disease expertise to the advisory board.  She trained in stem cell biology at Cal Tech and received her MD from Columbia University.  Dr. Csete trained in critical care medicine and anesthesiology, focusing on liver transplantation.  Following several years on the faculty at Emory University, she served as the first Chief Scientist at the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, then as Division Chief for Cell Therapy at the American Association of Blood Banks, V.P. of Research at Organovo, and as the President of the Huntington Medical Research Institute.  


Gary Peltz, MD, PhD Technology Inventor + Scientific Advisor

Dr. Peltz is a Professor in the Department of Anesthesia at Stanford University. Previously, he spent 17 years as Head of Genomics at Roche.  Dr. Peltz is an expert in the liver disease and the genetics of liver disease.  He is the inventor of the SF-Hep Technology being developed by HepaTx.

Shannon Dahl Advisory Board HepaTx.jpg

Shannon Dahl, PhD
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Dahl was a co-founder and VP of Technology at Humacyte, where she led the development of engineered vascular grafts for dialysis patients, worked based on her studies at Duke University.  Prior to Duke, Dr. Dahl graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  While at Humacyte, she led the company's efforts that resulted in award of the first Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT) designation for Humacyte's development candidate.  Dr. Dahl currently serves as the CSO Cell Care Therapeutics.


Career Opportunities

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